Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Self Reflection...

Am I a gasbag?
Am I too opinionated, and too vocal about my opinions?
I recently met someone who described herself as tactful and polite, avoiding conflict at all times if possible.
We discussed a couple of people we know in common, both of whom are bitches.
I expressed why I thought they were bitches, based on past experiences with them.
I concluded: one was a grouchy old curmudgeon and one was batshit crazy.
My new friend thought that was harsh.
Lately I've been reading the teachings of the Buddha and reading the poetry of Rumi, neither of whom would call these two bitches bitches.
But I did.
Does that make me a devolved person?
Should I try to be nicer and less opinionated in 2011?


Matthew Hubbard said...

We are blog commenters. Being gasbags is our job, dammit!

South Austin Viceroy said...


I enjoy your style of writing peppered with its wit, cuss words, and properly conjugated sentences. Don't change a thing.

This is the time of year where I (and I believe others) reflect and examine the last year. Frankly, it was your wit and analysis of the varies events that made me laugh and helped me through the daily grind.

If anything needs to be changed, you need to share more of your stories about your travel to France.

Happy New Year.

squatlo said...

Should you be nicer and less opinionated? Sure... We all should. And our blogs would be about as interesting as the trivial horseshit posted on Facebook... Why not just go into FarmVille and make announcements whenever you add a tool shed to the place?
KZ, the reason I (and so many others) come to your blog is because we can count on your unbridled opinions, well-written and as harsh as they might need to be. If you start muzzling yourself to meet some Gandhi-like renovation to your soul, you might as well fold this thing up and start a recipe blog.
I would miss your commentary, and so would others.
Let 'er rip, call a spade a spade, a bitch a bitch, and don't worry about your own judgmental guilt about being opinionated. There's nothing as dull (or uninteresting) as someone disguising their true feelings when they write.
If you're taking a poll, mark this reader down as "Hell No!" and keep doing what I come over here to see you do.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Whew, I was hoping I was okay just being myself. Like most people, I'd like to become more compassionate and less bitchy, but too many assholes in the world keep bending over, so I am compelled to kick them.
Tell you what...
If my cat James can learn to pee and crap in the toilet AND flush it, then I'll become Mother Teresa.

bigsis said...

I'd prefer an honest opinion or comment over hypocrisy any time. Too much complacency already so someone needs to call people on their bullshit and you do a great job of it Zip.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks, Sis.

Julien said...

I second everything here. This is one of my favorite places to visit and it is so exciting to see a new post and know before I even begin to read it that it will make me laugh and will be spot on commentary. (terrible grammar that last sentence, but you get the point).

Lulu Maude said...

Well, yes... but with people you are just getting to know, a little discretion never hurts, unless your frank perspective is urgently needed. You can otherwise end up being written off as negative.

nonnie9999 said...

if you were nicer and less opinionated, i'd have one less reason to live.

Iain said...

Please stay as you are, KZ. We've seen how infuriating it can be when one of our own gets too "nice" or too measured. It couldn't last anyway - just think of what the time until 2012 will bring.

bigsis said...

On your blog say anything you want and if someone doesn't like it they don't have to read it.

But I agree with Lulu that first meetings in person require some discretion until the person gets to know you and realizes saying random shit is just part of your unique personality.

How brave of you to even put the topic out there for public discussion Zip!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Sis and Lulu have valid points.
However, upon further reading of Buddhist literature, they left me an escape clause.
By masking who we really are, we are not showing our true nature to others.
Some people will like us and some will not, regardless of what kind of presence we show them.
So it's best just to be ourselves and anyone who can't take it is free to walk away and never look back.

Kim said...

I say, be you.

Anonymous said...

Nicer ? Less opinionated ? As the say in Lackawanna : fuck that shit.