Monday, January 10, 2011

The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin

Ooopsie Daisy!
I had to beat feet to take down that US map with the crosshairs on my websight before I Tweeted my condolinces and prayers about Congressman Kathy Lee Gifford's shooting accident.
Thank God my pals in the media are saying this was not a right or left thing, it was a crazy guy's thing. Hard to beleive the haters out there are tryin' to pin this on me and my retorick. Last I checked, this is a free countrie, and I have the forth amendment right to free speach!!!
As for Congressman Kathy, I guess this will teach her a lesson not to be a democrat Jew in Arizona. The folks their do not like outsiders infiltrading into AZ politics. Which is why I told Bristol to wait a few years before she runs for city council of Maricopa County.
It turns out the crazy guy with the gun was a pothead, which tells me he's got democrat tendencys. He sure has never contacted me or my people about any thing, thats for darn sure!!
I will tell you some thing though. That sherif of Pima Country has got to go. He is a closit liberal with his silly remarks about toning down the retorick. The people of Arizona have a way of dealing with turncoats, and the solution goes: "bang bang bang." (LOL!!)
Course I will have to wait awhile to post a target over his face on my websight, but purty soon things will calm down (thanks to Fox News and other truely responsible news outlets) b4 I can do it.
Mean while, the evil liberals have cancelled my realty show and now I have to come up with another plan to earn some big bux b4 my 15 minutes is up. I asked Todd to go back to work; but he's gotten like a pimp now and he refuses to work becuz he says I am a cash cow with the sexie udders to prove it!!!
Okie dokay, Piper has supper ready and I gotta go downstares to eat. Yum- I shot that caribou the other week and she has made us some cariburgers to eat. I hope she made that blood gravy to go with it!!!
Toodles 4 now!!!!


Distributorcap said...

i cannot stop laughing - and i know i shouldnt be

Karen Zipdrive said...

I always say, when life hands me lemons I like to shoot a defenseless animal and drink its blood.

McGriddle Pants said...

i love you so much!

Julien said...

KZ - this "sez" it all. Thank you.

nonnie9999 said...

i hate that this is becoming all about palin. she wasn't shot. she didn't die. she's not fighting for her life in an icu unit. she doesn't have to bury a 9-year-old daughter or a 30-year-old son or fiance. she doesn't have to tell her kids that their grandparent was murdered in a parking lot.

she and faux news will do their damnedest to turn this into the victimization of palin. she was not the victim. i don't know if the shooter reacted to something she said or not. i do know that she had a big hand in changing the atmosphere in this country to something toxic. she needs to shut the fuck up. she's done enough damage already.

sorry to be such a downer. let me add something that might give you some fodder for another post, zippy. did you notice that, when he was making his comments about this tragedy, boehner didn't shed even one fucking tear? his voice never cracked. i've never seen him so composed. he cries about giving tax cuts to rich people, but the death of 6 people and the wounding of another 14 don't stir up a bit of emotion in him. what does that tell you?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Nonnie, you make some good points, especially about Bohner.
I think the more the media works to make Palin seem like the victim here, the better off we'll all be.
Surely by now genuine Republicans are getting fed up with these teabagger jackasses invading their party and dictating terms to them.
Can you imagine being an old school GOP and having to kowtow to these know-nothing nitwits?

Fran said...

Yea but this is not all about Palin-- except she fanned the flames.
There was some bullshit quote from her in the local paper today (for real!)

"Our children will not have peace if politicos just capitalize on this to succeed in portraying anyone as inciting terror and violence"

Seriously???? Tell that to the family of Christina Taylor Green, the now deceased 9 year old child.

I think she meant to say MY children will not have peace, if the lamestream media keeps bringing up the truth about my unsubtle gun references with crosshairs, target references & urging people to reload.

Here's the clincher--
the headline of that article...
"Palin stays in the electronic comfort zone".

She can tweet, awwww I didn't mean nothn' with my crosshairs map....

But would she face actual media scrutiny?

Nope-- once again it's her one way communication system.

Iain said...

Forgive me, KZ, if posting a link is not wanted, but in support of Fran's last, insightful statement:

It has been a deliberate and mostly successful policy that I won't listen to or discuss this thick, painted stooge. Today's strategic, written-by-committee, whiny, hypocritical, sanctimonious video is evidence as to why.

bigsis said...

Thanks very much for that link lain. It made me realize that maybe I'm actually the naive fool re this circus act.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Great link, Iain.
Palin clearly has a full time staff of stooges watching for negative comments to expunge.
She's also claimed she's gotten a record number of death threats via her e-mail account(s).
What a pathetic liar.
Like that paranoid bitch hands out her personal e-mail addresses!
I say, let us see the alleged death threats.