Monday, January 10, 2011

Who Is This Bitch?

Sarah Palin is the mother of the Teabagger movement.
She's a money grubbing scoundrel who made $250,000 per episode on her newly cancelled reality show.
Last night my friend Gene and I tried to watch the season finale of her show. She and Todd and Piper watched the USAF Blue Angels fly in spectacular formation. Once they landed, they all lined up to shake hands with Palin.
Who is the current governor of Alaska, and why wasn't he there to do the handshaking?
For Palin the quitter, how is she considered a dignitary who gets to shake hands with Blue Angel pilots?
Other than a bad reality show, her only job seems to be flying from place to place and agitating crazy people who own guns.
She's basically a carnival barker, daring the mentally challenged and terminally angry to use their weapons and Be Somebody.
Why does she still have a voice in the political spectrum?
What does she contribute to society?
Politics in America were not as vitriolic or bloody before she came along and made violent rhetoric fashionable.
I am shocked that the mainstream media refuses to include Palin's influence in their incessant reporting about the Arizona assassinations.
That's why bloggers are important.
We are not leashed by conservative publishers who control what we write.
And we call a spade a spade, and we can say that Palin is an accomplice to murder.


Lulu Maude said...

Phenomenal graphic.

Right-on post.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Palin has shot and eaten one too many wild animals, and it's given her a taste for blood and violence.

bigsis said...

Palin is an imposter and has never killed for food in her life. But I'm sure she knows how to entice creepy pervs to kill for her. She poses as a MILF/hunter for the cameras because that act provides her with an unconscionable income.

I lived in Alaska and I can attest to the fact that female hunters in Alaska don't look like Palin.

Unknown said...