Friday, July 12, 2002

Jerry Springer Getting Sued

Seems like one of Jerry Springer's trailer trash guests killed his ex-wife after an episode about wives and mistresses, so the sons of the murdered woman are suing Jerry for fanning the flames of disaster. They probably have a point.
I'm all for the first amendment right to free speech, but guys like Jerry Springer take it to the edge. When I am feeling trashy and voyeuristic, I occasionally watch his show just to reassure myself I am better than at least some people...
Trouble is, they broadcast his show all over the world, and for some citizens of other countries, I am sure that's the impression they get of all Americans.
Well, maybe not. I mean, I watched Benny Hill when I was a kid and I certainly didn't think all Brits were sex-obsessed morons like him.
I guess the things about Jerry Springer that bother me most are, he's a lawyer, he worked with Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign, he was mayor of Cincinnati, and now he's become a panderer of slime between society's lowest forms of humanity.
Yesterday, a report said TV Guide was publishing a piece about America's worst TV shows ever.
I immediately thought of "My Mother the Car," but of course Jerry Springer's show came in first place. Quite rightly.
"My Mother the Car" came in second.

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