Saturday, September 18, 2004

Annie Lennox and That Other Guy

Last night, Annie Lennox and Sting brought their Sacred Love Tour to San Antonio.
Some say happiness is the anticipation of the culmination of a goal.
My goal since the 80's has been to see Annie Lennox perform, but since I bought tickets back in April, they sort of sat forgotten, stuck to my refrigerator door.
When last night finally came, there she was, with two Jumbotrons flanking the stage to make her image three stories high. She was lean, pale and beautiful. Her hair was white and short.
I wish I could find a way to describe the way I felt finally seeing her, but words don't go where that pure, sweet voice took me.
I guess because her music has been so much a part of my life's soundtrack, at the start of each song that voice of hers triggered memories that filled my head and heart with joy and regret and lust and love and sadness and hope and...well, a lot more stuff than I am used to thinking about at a concert.
By the time Sting came on, I felt like I'd had a platter of desserts already and had little appetite left over for his very pleasant musical entree. I lasted through maybe four of his songs when I started getting restless.
Then Annie joined him on stage for a duet.
Seeing her appear on stage again was sort of like making love, drifting off to sleep and soon waking up to an extra, unanticipated orgasm.
By the end of that, all I wanted was a cigarette, then a long, deep sleep.

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