Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Just In Case You Haven't Noticed...

The American public's interest in the Iraq war sort of waned after the Bush crowd "handed over power" to the Iraqi puppets Rumsfeld and Cheney picked out.
Just in case that includes you, please note that things have gotten much worse in Iraq, and more American troops are dying, faster than ever before. U.S. troops are losing ground, and resistance has grown to epic proportions.

Bush will have to initiate a draft in his next term (God forbid) and it's already pretty common knowledge that women will now be subject to the Selective Service's claws, as well as men.
And those college deferments people like Dick Cheney used to avoid Vietnam? History.

If the experts are correct and this war will take 10 years to get out of, little boys and girls that you know and love of age 8 and up will be one day be fighting it out with Iraqis and their pals who hate our guts because Bush chose to invade and occupy their country.

If you thought you'd sit out the vote and see what happens, please think again.
Let's get rid of this maniac and end the crooked Bush dynasty, once and for all.

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