Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Word or Two about the GOP Convention

I admit I limited my GOP convention exposure last night to reading transcripts and news reports, but from what I gather, it's better I skipped it.

Zell Miller: go join the Republicans, you phony, traitor, hayseed, old bastard. You never distinguished yourself as a Democrat, so it's clear to see you seek any kind of attention you can get, even negative attention. Your 15 minutes is up, loser.
Cheney, you draft dodging, college dropout, corporate criminal, self serving son of a bitch.
When your family came on stage with you after your hate speech, your daughter Mary and her lover Heather were nowhere to be seen. With you as a male role model, no wonder she prefers women.

The Republicans whined and bitched about the Democrats' convention being a Bush bashing event.
When their turn came, all they could do was bash Kerry.
They had nothing else to offer, besides standing on the graves of the 9/11 victims and using it for political gain.
We had Obama. They had ZigZag Zell.

Anyone who can still support these shameless, dishonest, hate mongering criminals at this point is, simply put, too ignorant to deserve anything better.

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