Saturday, July 13, 2002

Anna Nicole Smith

Hey, I love that good old Texas girl.
I love it when she comes on TV all fat and woozy and acting like she just dropped three 20 mg Valium, then the next day she's on TV all svelte, bubbly and gorgeous.
I like that she married that silly old coot and took him for millions. I think she genuinely loved him, but like anyone else with a lick of sense, she didn't want to sleep with him.
He wanted a trophy wife, he got one. Good for him, the old lecher.
I love that she answers any questions reporters ask, regardless of how intrusive or tasteless.
I love her scratchy voice and slow Texas drawl. It's very authentic.
I'd love to have her come over for fried chicken and fresh homemade peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream, a huge serving of it, served in a mixing bowl. I would hope she'd get some on her chin and not give a shit.
Regardless of how the media makes fun of her, she can buy and sell all of them, and I seriously doubt she gives a damn what they think.
She's getting her own reality based show on E! called, "The Anna Nicole Show."
It premiers August 4 at 9 pm central. I can't wait.

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