Saturday, July 13, 2002

Blogathon Sponsors, Anyone?

I am joining the Blogathon on July 27.
I will be blogging 24 hours straight, every half hour for charity.
Here's a url that explains the whole thing:
I'd need at least three sponsors, and my charity will be Doctors Without Borders.
Sponsors can contribute any amount they want, and they'd send the money directly to the charity, not to me or Blogger.
Would any of you consider sponsoring me? If I can get three of you to go for it, I'll get to be a contestant.
I promise to make half-decent posts every half hour, Blogger permitting.
I'll even take requests, and I do my funniest blogs in the middle of the night.
Can we do this together? With my insomnia, I may as well put it to some good use.
Reblog if you're willing to chip in a few bucks, or write to me at and tell me if you'll sponsor me. Or you can find my Pulp Friction name on the blogathon site and pledge there.
Even a few bucks will help.
And I *may* offer a prize to the biggest sponsor- but it will not involve blowing up my new reblog service.
Are you in?

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