Monday, July 08, 2002

Monday's Child is Fair of Face

After a night of James the giant bobcat kitten strolling up and down my torso and putting his wet nose on my arm, shocking me awake 40 times, I awakened feeling pretty damn good, considering.
He's in my bed, sleeping peacefully after walking on me all night.
I got up early and turfed all my work into other people's laps. Now I am free until they get back to me with information I need to move ahead. They move like turtles, so I will likely have the rest of the day to concentrate on other things.
Somewhere along the line I have forgotten to get my hair cut. I look like a woolly mammoth and I'm considering wearing a hat to the haircutter, to keep her from being embarrassed for being my hair stylist.
My weekend was torture.
My siblings were waging an e-mail battle about my mom's retirement community and driving me crazy. I had to e-mail block my sister the lawyer, she was so wigged out.
Then this mammogram/biopsy thing started worrying me and I could swear Lefty was beginning to hurt in the area of the suspicious tissue.
Then the incessant rains leaked into my home and I have new spots on my ceiling. That means a new roof- soon.
Through all that, my 10,000 hit sweepstakes turned into a debacle of epic proportions, causing my reblog company to dump me and making me realize that sitemeter is about as accurate as palmistry. Then blogger went down for a day.
My lawn is now a foot high and still too water logged to mow.
I was getting so stressed out, I pulled a tarot card to see what was going on. It was the Death card. Whoopie.
Otherwise, all is well in my little corner of blogland.

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