Sunday, July 07, 2002

Jackson: Recording Industry Racist

.c The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) - Multiplatinum singer Michael Jackson, already feuding with his record company, charged Saturday that the recording industry was a racist conspiracy that turns profits at the expense of performers - particularly minority artists.
``The recording companies really, really do conspire against the artists - they steal, they cheat, they do everything they can,'' Jackson said in a rare public appearance. ``(Especially) against the black artists.''

Wait. Michael Jackson is black?
Seems to me, the King of Pedophilia has gotten so rich off recording contracts, he hardly has room to bitch. Just because his act is getting old, that's no reason to start carping about the industry.
Let's face it. Nobody wants to see a 43-year-old with a face made of wax moonwalking in high water pants.
It's not a racist conspiracy, he's just too creepy to deal with now.

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