Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Rant O' the Week!

Gentlemen readers may want to skip this, it's a cautionary rant about women's health, and we know how you guys are about that...

Oh, swell.
After I had a hysterectomy last year to relieve that pesky little cancer problem, my oncology gyn put me on Prempro to regulate my no-more-hormone-making machine. Prempro has been good for me. No mood swings, hot flashes or homicidal behavior.
One unfortunate side effect, however, has been "thickening of breast tissue."
Hey, I have that, and I wasn't sweating my July 15 biopsy all that much...until today.
Seems a Journal of American Medicine study released today says Prempro actually can increase the risk of breast cancer.
Wyeth, the pharmaceutical company that makes Prempro, has had its stock drop faster than a company with video of Martha Stewart leaving their CEO's office with a big smirk on her face.
I have a call into my onc gyn to see if she can come up with something besides Prempro.
If my biopsy reveals a malignancy, I am going to call one of those vulture medical malpractice attorneys and sue the tits off Wyeth.
Anyway, if you are taking Prempro, read the JAMA study, get informed and call your gyn. The tits you save may be your own.

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