Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Blame Dennis Miller

Every time I watch Dennis Miller's show, I get politically ornery.
Like him, I don't trust our dimwit president to protect us from these maniacs in the Middle East.
When I was a war protesting peacenik college student in the 70's, I really did want to buy the world a Coke and learn to sing in perfect harmony.
Back then, the Middle East seemed a mysterious and wonderful place to me, with just a few ripples between the Israelis and their enemies upsetting the romantic mystique of the region.
Back then, iron workers were just starting to frame up the World Trade Center.
Many of them were Canadian Native North Americans, and many of them were just good old blue collar New York and New Jersey steelworkers.
Now our enemies are threaded throughout the Middle East and America like well-marbled beef.
Just this week, Saddam Hussein's stepbrother tried to enroll in the same flight school the 9/11 terrorists attended. They caught him because he hadn't bothered to get a student visa. They deported him back to New Zealand, where he's currently living.
What fucking nerve.
I know we have a constitution that protects the freedom of individuals to do as they please, but no way should Saddam's kinfolk be allowed to study aviation on American soil. Just the idea of him trying to enroll was a big 'fuck you' to our nation.
We have to "trust" Bush to keep us safe for the next two years. He's the same man whose campaign was heavily financed by the military industrial complex, for whom ongoing war means fatter bottom lines. It matters not that the war isn't accomplishing anything.
We have huge problems looming over our country's economy.
Major companies are being caught in horrendous financial malfeasance, and being lectured to by a president whose oil exploration business was a textbook example of cooked books and shifty accounting. I suppose when pressed, Dubya would write it off as just another "youthful indiscretion."
I think we need to pull out of Afghanistan and use the money we save on shoring up our own country.
I am against internment, like we did to the Japanese during WWII. That was unconstitutional.
What I am for is sending Middle Eastern aliens home. Yep. Time to clear out until we get this mess sorted out.
Radical? Not as radical as some crazy motherfucker resident aliens hijacking American airplanes and ramming them into our buildings.
Innocent victims of American xenophobia? Tell it to the families of WTC and Pentagon victims.
No harm should come to Middle Easterners presently residing in America, they just need to be gently boarded on planes and taken home to their promise lands.
Praise Allah, and we'll see you around.

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