Thursday, July 04, 2002

Remember Jose Padilla?

The terrorist who had dirty bomb crumbs all over him?
He turned out to be a Taco Bell worker.
Looks like Attorney Generalissimo John Asscroft screwed up again.
Yes, Padilla talked to Al Qaida operatives, said he wanted to build an atom bomb.
They said, "Jose, why don't you try a dirty bomb first?"
Or at least that's what we were told.
The FBI arrested him and threw him in the brig. No due process, no formal charges, no immediate attorney privileges, just an arrest and confinement on charges he was an "enemy combatant."
I mean, I hate these terrorist bastards, but we still have a constitution with some general guidelines for administering justice to American citizens.
An American citizen cannot be considered an enemy combatant when the country has not formally declared a war. It's just not legal.
Jose Padilla is a stupid, disgruntled Mexican American who got mixed up in things way over his head and intellect when he started talking with his Pakistani-born Taco Bell manager. He may need an ass kicking, but he still has rights as an American.
His detainment has drifted off into recent history, a screw-up Dubya and his cronies would just as soon we forget.
Dubya: the deal was, we wanted bin Laden's head on a stick.
You gave us some dimwit, screwball Taco Bell employee with a chip on his shoulder.
As Dennis Miller described the president and his staff, "Dubya is a hole, surrounded by a donut."
I can't believe people still think Dubya is doing a good job. He's an idiot. And so is John Asscroft.

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