Monday, July 15, 2002

There's no There There!

From Business Week:
"More than a decade ago, as director of Harken Energy, Bush engaged in practices that seem similar to those for which he now scolds Corporate America. He was a member of Harken's audit committee, for example, at a time when it prematurely booked income on the sale of a subsidiary and overstated profits, errors that the Securities & Exchange Commission forced Harken to correct. He sold a substantial number of shares just eight days before Harken showed a major loss. And he was chronically late in filing his SEC forms.

"Sound familiar? Improper revenue recognition is behind many of the recent accounting disasters. And failure to disclose important information to shareholders is one of the President's biggest complaints about today's "see-no-evil" CEOs. "This is an uncomfortable situation for Bush," says University of Texas political scientist Bruce Buchanan. "Innocently or not, there's a similarity to the Enron style of accounting."

"ANY THERE THERE?  Democrats smell a whiff of hypocrisy. "President Bush likes to preach responsibility," says Democratic National Committee Chairman Terence R. McAuliffe. "But when it comes to [his] own records, the motto is: 'The buck stops over there.'" In his defense, Bush says the SEC dismissed charges of insider trading years ago. "There's no there there," he pronounced in a testy July 8 press conference... "

There's no there there?
Okay, finally I have heard something to top the phrase, "I done done it already."
If anyone thinks Bush and Dick are not guilty of the same type of corporate malfeasance as Enron, please contact me. I want to slap someone.
I think there is some there there, and I think Bush and Dick know where where.

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