Monday, July 15, 2002

Sickly Haiku

Today's the big day
Hospital this afternoon
Lefty's in trouble

Sniff, I'd feel better
If Michelle Pfeiffer was my
Biopsy doctor

I want to thank Wyeth
Pharmaceutical bidness
For Prempro, you pricks!

What? Me worry? What?
No worries, I've got pain meds
I plan to abuse

My poor friends, don't ask
That rhetorical question:
"So, how ya doin'?"

Well, at least it's not
A damned colonoscopy
Like I need ass pain?

Today, I'm Jewish
I'll get to kvetch a whole lot
and say, "Oy gevalt."

After this ordeal
I'll pilgrimage to Mecca
Viva, Las Vegas!

Wish me luck, blog friends
I am hoping for the best
Or I'll sue Prempro...

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