Sunday, July 14, 2002

Well Meaning Spam

I was discussing with a friend that kind of e-mail we all receive from well-meaning friends who are cursed with the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows gene.
It starts something like this:
YOU DESERVE A HUG TODAY, then a graphic teddy bear made out of assorted punctuation marks appears.
Then you are asked if you know how wonderful you are, how you need a hug, and that you need to forward the hugs and teddy bears to 10 or 20 friends.
Okay, I hate shit like that.
Once, someone who actually knows me in real life sent me one of those posts.
I called and asked, "Why do you think I am the type of person who'd want e-mail like that?" She ended up confessing she did it to exasperate me.
Mission accomplished.
I am of the opinion one should actively take measures to stop this kind of friendly spam.
If left unchecked, teddy bears mutate into uplifting religious spam, then inspirational poetry, then to the final frontier, the loathsome CHECK THIS OUT link where you have to actually access a site, only to see an animated hugging teddy bear, or something equally horrid.
I open some of those, if I know the person is funny, otherwise I delete them as fast as my fingers can fly.
I started a list of first and second cousins from my Roman Catholic mother's side of the family. Quickly we amassed about 45 members, cousins we haven't talked to in decades.
A few turned out to be devout (read: fanatic) Christians, and they started in with the scripture posts. It kind of ruined the whole list. Nobody wants to stir up the Jesus freaks.
I did however, single out the Most Christian cousin of all. Offlist, I sent her a teddy bear and hugs e-mail. Heh heh heh.

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