Saturday, July 13, 2002

Why I Love My Best Friend

My best friend Anna is in Spain with her husband Brad right now, attending the World AIDS conference, at their own expense.
She had just returned from Ethiopia, where's she's been for almost a year helping get the medical school hooked up to the Internet, helping start substance abuse programs and training social workers to deal with people with AIDS. All at her own expense.
So I e-mailed her in Spain today and asked her to chip in for the Blogathon.
She said how much. I replied however much you want.
She said she'd have to think about it.
I replied, "Look, you globe trotting, Benz driving fucking fuck, just name an amount or I will steal whatever I think is fair from your purse."
She donated $100.
I think I may have launched a career in charitable fundraising.

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