Saturday, December 20, 2003

The Diary of PuSay Hussein
(Saddam's Unusual Daughter)

Praise Allah! The GeorgebushAmerican peoples have found my father (may allah leave those nits in his hair though eternity) in a hole and taken him to another place called custody.
When he was here at the palace hiding and looking for disguise he nearly drove me crazy trying on Dynasty gowns and wigs he from order from GeorgebushAmerican company call ebay. All that swirling of his in front of palace mirrors made the concubines and me dizzy and wanting to vomit. He did not resemble as he thought Linda Evans, more like Dale Evans.
In the hole the GeorgebushAmericans found father in (may Allah give him guards who find him sexually appealing) there were many items found that are of curiosity to myself and my concubines. What I wonder is Paris Hilton video? Perhaps he was trying to check into Paris hotel to hide?
And what I wonder was he doing with campaign literature and cashiers checks to donate to reelect Georgebush? And a photo of Georgebush on large boat in pilot uniform, where my father (may Allah make his scrotum swell big as a camel's) had written ha ha ha over with black marker?
Also a crate of GeorgebushAmerican money was found with a note stating, "with love from Halliburton." I wonder who he is? Perhaps an Al Qaida or Taliban operative.
Now that my father (may Allah give him singing trout plaque for holidays) is in GeorgebushAmerican place call custody and my brothers are shot to pieces, I can make my play for ruler of Iraq.
I have order from Internet the book of Hillary Clinton for ideas on how woman to take over country and I think I am ready to rule Iraq.
Already I have slogans, made for me by my concubines.
"Everyone Loves PuSay!"
And for car bumper, "Honk if you Love Pu-Say."

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