Wednesday, December 24, 2003

A Sappy, Happy Holiday Haiku Binge

Tis the holidays!
Donning our gay apparel
Before they jail us

With Bush in office
We want to wish the whole world
A Scary Christmas!

Christmas in Vermont
Marry your gay love this year
Before Bush busts you

Last year I spent Yule
With a pretty, Jewish love
Oy vey, not this year.

This year, all alone
Except for two cats, who like
to sleep on my head

Christmas Eve, I'll spend
not with the ex and her kids
Whew! No Cartoon Network!

Grateful this Christmas
Glucose at normal levels
And still have my toes

I wish you all love
The sweet, caring kind of love
Not that porno kind

To my Blogging friends
I wish you clever comments
And leave me some, too

To lesbo readers
If you're sane and attractive
Drop me Yule e-mail!

This holiday time
Don't drink and drive your car
Don't be like a Bush

Ladies, gentlemen
Gay or straight or bi or trans
Have great holidays!

Peace to all of you
May the Spirit bless us all
Let's pray for war's end

I wish you all safe and happy holidays, and send my love and thanks to everyone who's visited Pulp Friction this year, especially those who left so many entertaining comments.


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