Monday, December 29, 2003

Newsy Bits

I can't believe Michael Jackson is claiming the Santa Barbara sheriff's deputies who booked him roughed him up.
I just happened to be watching Court TV the day he turned himself in. As he entered the building, he was surrounded by his attorneys and a phalanx of his other paid sycophants who witnessed the entire process.
The sheriff also allowed a couple of TV and print media vultures into the office to observe the booking. That's how the media was able to distribute his mugshot to the world within an hour.
Michael Jackson claimed the deputies dislocated his shoulder by manhandling him. Let's pause now to chuckle about his verb choice. Manhandling, heh, heh...heh, heh.
Although he smiled, waved his dislocated arm and gave onlookers the peace sign as he left the jail, now he's claiming the injuries he sustained from police brutality have left him unable to sleep or raise his arms.
I am not entirely certain he's guilty of pedophilia (yeah, right) but if he's stupid enough to claim brutality when the building was filled with witnesses who would have reported it to the media within nanoseconds, then he's stupid
enough to think he can get by with diddling little boys.
To repeat the scandal's most frequently asked question, I wonder if Jackson would let one of his sons have a sleepover in the same bed with some 45-year-old guy? How about one who'd been accused of pedophilia before, but settled out
of court?
Yeah, yeah, I know that any parent who'd let their kid sleep alone with Jackson should be bitch slapped, but stupidity is not a crime.
Jackson may have had a better chance at a fair trial had he not alleged police brutality.
California cops can be violent, racist jerks, but not with that many witnesses and media present.
I think that move cast aspersions on his veracity, which in English means, "he fucked up, lying about something we all know didn't happen."
Your views?

Now, to change the subject entirely, here's a question some of you mechanically inclined people might be able to answer.
This morning I opened my refrigerator and the light didn't come on. At first I thought the power had gone out and the fridge was off, but everything was still cold, so I checked the bulb and it was burnt out.
I replaced it with a new bulb and the light still didn't come on.

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