Friday, December 19, 2003

Gay Marriage Poll

The American Family Association, which calls itself "America's Pro-Family Online Activism Organization," is running a poll on Homosexual Marriage.
They want to forward the results to Congress.
I am sure many of you have received e-mail and read other Blogs that urge you to vote in favor of gay marriage on this poll. Perhaps it's working, because those in favor of gay marriage is ahead of those against.
One thing to note: apparently to water down the pro votes, they included a category that reads, "I favor a "civil union" with full benefits of marriage without the name."
Just skip that vague gibberish and go for the yes vote.
Also, once I voted for gay marriage, I got a notice from Earthmail Spam blocker that my screenname was blocked from the AFA's mailbox, as not being recognized. I followed the link that requested recognition. I wonder if all pro votes have to jump through the same hoops?
At any rate, please vote to neutralize discrimination against gays who want to legally marry. Gay Marriage Poll

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