Wednesday, December 03, 2003


I started this Blog around two years ago.
In that time, I've made several new friends, gone through a few girlfriends, cleared the one-year mark for surviving cancer, then the two-year mark, developed diabetes, lost 57 pounds, started working out and eating right, and developed obsessions with Survivor and the miserable administration of that pinheaded warmonger George W. Bush.
I've aired my private bidness, then became more private over the years. I've ranted and raved, and apologized when I went too far.
I've even Blogged for charity, where for 24 hours I babbled, blew out my hard drive, had to call in a tech in the middle of the night to fix it, babbled some more, and managed to collect more than $400 for Doctors Without Borders.
I keep a journal in my private life now. That's where I think personal revelations belong, plus the act of dragging a pen over paper is cathartic and therapeutic.
I have met some amazing people through this Blog, as well as some characters who are so bizarre they'd be too implausible to describe, even for fiction writing.
Blogging has in many ways become my touchstone for reality. I live alone and work alone, and knowing that more than 85,000 visitors have popped in over the last two years to see what's going on is gratifying.
So thanks, everyone.
I promise to soon get my AOL and browser sorted out so I can start daily postings again.
Meanwhile, thanks to Grey Bird for doing my posting for me.

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