Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Dreaded Sports Injury

It had to happen eventually.
After working out with a trainer for more than a year, I ended up buying a full-sized ab cruncher for home use.
By full size, I mean it took a big truck, three large men and a dolly to muscle in into my house.
My trainer Willie has been moving his business to another location for the last two weeks, which means I was left to my own devices to continue my workouts at home.
He had me doing 110 ab crunches at 70 pounds, in two sets of 60.
At home, I decided to do 500 ab crunches, in five sets of 100, interspersed by a mile of bike riding.
It felt great doing them, until Wednesday when my right side started hurting.
When I inhale, a pain hits about 3/4's of the way into the full inhale, causing me to yelp.
I am sure I pulled an ab muscle because I Googled the symptoms, so now I am relying on muscle relaxers and a truss to ease the discomfort.
I haven't called Willie yet because I am not looking forward to the lecture.
Despite the discomfort and occasional downright pain, I am rather pleased with myself.
See, only athletes get abdominal strains.
In 48 years of slothful living, I never once strained my belly muscles.
I guess this makes me an official gym rat.
Anyone know how long this will take to heal?

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