Wednesday, November 24, 2004

No Hecklers, Bushie is the Sensitive Type

"OTTAWA—U.S. President George W. Bush will not be addressing Parliament when he comes to Ottawa next week, choosing instead to speak at a big dinner at the Museum of Civilization on the evening of Nov. 30..."

Considering how Karl Rove has packaged his puppet to be a fearless Texas macho man, Bush sure seems to be a pussy when it comes to facing any criticism from foreign politicians.
His paranoia had created a boy in a bubble syndrome that must be hard to endure for an extroverted, frat boy prankster like him.
In his recent visit to Chile, Bush insisted his enormous Secret Service detail be allowed to pat down and search everyone who'd been invited to the State Dinner planned in Bush's honor.
To his credit, the Chilean president refused to allow Bush's American Gestapo to subject his distinguished dinner guests to being frisked before dinner; in fact he was insulted by the demand and canceled the dinner.
Now Bush is ducking the Canadian Parliament because he's scared to face those ferociously confrontational Canuck politicos.
Yeah, right.
No sense exposing him to differing global viewpoints, even from hyper-polite Canucks.

When you are the self-appointed King of the World, input from other nations just doesn't matter.

They ought to skip the idiot's appearance at the Ottowa Museum of Civilization and just schedule him to fire the starting gun at a suburban Ottawa tractor pull. That way he can just shoot any hecklers who dare to speak harshly to him.

Fucking wimp.

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