Thursday, November 18, 2004

Survivor and the Apprentice Tonight

I think, with the women in control of the majority, they'd have to be downright stupid to vote out one of their own.
Though it's never wise to underestimate the stupidity of the castaways, I still think Chad and Chris are tonight's sitting ducks.
Of the two males, Chad has failed to charm any of the women sufficiently to cause any rifts in the girl-girl alliance. Chris still has Twyla in his web, sorta.
Buh Bye, Chad.

In The Apprentice, I heard a rumor that two people will be fired tonight. The project is supposed to be about a new line of blue jeans, so already Apex has the edge with all those girly girls on the team. If that's true, that leaves Mosiac with Ivana, whom everyone seems to detest, and Andy, who is cute but way too wet behind the ears.
So, I say bye bye to Ivana and Andy.

Your picks?
Lurkers reminder: this is your day to delurk.

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