Saturday, July 06, 2002

Terrorist Tedium

Between this Egyptian jerk shooting up people at the El Al counter at the Los Angeles International Airport and these other creeps killing new Afghan Vice President Abdul Qadir, I am getting a little tired of terrorist acts.
Why would a Middle Easterner in the U.S. be allowed to own or even possess a gun? Is there a law that says anyone on U.S. soil gets to have a gun?
I think any non-citizens on American soil should not be allowed to own or possess guns, and if they don't like it, then screw them, send them home.
The FBI "hasn't yet determined if the Los Angeles shooting spree was a terrorist act."
Well, here's a clue, you fucking morons.
The murderer was Egyptian, the people he attacked were standing around an Israeli airline counter. See if you can connect the dots, you imbeciles.
I'm glad the murderer was shot on site so we don't have to hear about his rights and his feigned innocence in a multi million dollar murder trial.

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