Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Survivor Wednesday!

As a public service reminder, Survivor is on tonight not tomorrow night, so be sure to adjust your social schedules accordingly.
Tonight's episode promises to be a hot one!
Seems Christa allegedly sabotaged the food supply and the crew is out for blood! Did she do it? Well, she looks kinda stoopid but I can't say if she's *that* stupid.
Also, my new front-runner fave Sandra goes into mega head bobbling mode as she reams out another cast member. My guess? Jon.
The reward challenge results in some sort of touching gesture. All through this series, people are giving away stuff they won. Phuh. Some pirates these folks make.
The evil villain to watch out for? Burton.
Anyway, with Christa babbling that she wants to go home in the previews, I think she's next to be booted. With arrogant, Barney Fifeian Jon and Moaning Myrtle Lil in the mix, that's some accomplishment.
Who's your pick?

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