Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Delicious Bloggy Bits

I don't have enough to say about any single topic, so I'll just get random on you.

-My personal training sessions have been going great. I've lost only 8 pounds so far, but I've lost a few clothing sizes, several inches, and my body looks and feels totally different now.
My trainer Willie is a buff, black body builder who loves it when I wear the Roots T-shirts I got in Canada to train in. He thinks it's Roots, as in the Alex Haley book and miniseries about slavery. When I wear them, he calls me Kunta Kinte and assumes I am willing to work really hard on those days.
I've started endurance training, where I move from bench pressing to machines and back to bench pressing very quickly. It burns calories and builds muscles almost in double time. I am up to bench pressing 65 pounds. I even wear little black leather lifting gloves now! I can't recommend it enough for people who like to eat normally and hate to diet. It really chews up the calories and keeps my glucose levels below 100, which are well within normal, non-diabetic range.

-After a few brief dips in the road, I am still seeing my girlfriend la. She's starting to come around in some areas, like appreciating shoe shopping as a deeply spiritual experience, and the joys of wearing something besides jeans and shorts to dinner.
Experts say the shopping virus cannot be passed through intimate contact, but we have disproved that theory.

-Summer is over in South Texas and life is normal again. My pecan tree out back is spewing out bushels of fat pecans, my air conditioning is off, and my cats are starting to get snugly again. Best news is, my hair is finally dry after being damp from humidity since May.

-Our queer high holy day, Halloween, is neigh. I was invited to a schnitzy gay masquerade ball, but they insist on guests wearing masks as a condition of being admitted. I wear glasses, I can't do masks. Instead, I think I'll spend the evening handing out goodies while la takes her kids trick or treating. Since candy is bad for kids, again this year I'll be handing out free America Online CD's that I'll gather from every store counter in town. Just kidding- but it would be funny.

-While I was busy taping Survivor episodes for her over the last three weeks, my best friend Anna was in Ethiopia. She witnessed the country's first open heart surgery while she was there, but I stayed behind doing the important business of guessing who would be booted off Survivor next.

-The more I hear about OxyContin, the narcotic Rush Limbaugh is in rehab trying to kick, the more convinced I am he was doing all that right wing blathering while he was too stoned to have any sense. I wonder if, when he gets clean, he'll make more rational statements? Nah- after years of being stoned out of his mind he'll probably have brain damage and continue to pimp for the right
wing. Remember when he ragged on Clinton about not inhaling?
Yep. Paybacks are a bitch, Rush.

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