Friday, October 31, 2003

News Salad Blog

1. "NY TIMES: WASHINGTON (Oct. 31)” Saddam Hussein may be playing a significant role in coordinating and directing attacks by his loyalists against American forces in Iraq, senior American officials said Thursday. The officials cited recent intelligence reports indicating that Mr. Hussein is acting as a catalyst or even a leader in the armed opposition, probably from a base of operations near Tikrit, his hometown and stronghold. A leadership role by Mr. Hussein would go far beyond anything previously acknowledged by the Bush administration..."

Gee, does this mean the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED sign behind Dubya's head on that aircraft carrier was incorrect? Does this mean Saddam is still out there, fighting us? Didn't the president assure us his reign was over?
What nonsense.
Basically, we've spent $30 billion in Iraq to knock over a few statues. More American soldiers have died after the war than during the war. Anyone who said before the war that attacking Iraq was a good idea was wrong.

2. NPR recently ran a long piece about Donald Rumsfeld losing his mojo. Several news agencies also have questioned his abilities. Just go here for the real mojo:
Rummy Talks

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