Thursday, October 16, 2003

Survivor Update!

With Rupert consigned to the motley Morgan tribe, I'm sure things will be magically transformed at their dumpy camp. Rupert will build them a nice split level home, catch them a school of fish, show them how to smoke the fish to preserve it for the duration of the show,
make them all new outfits and create outdoor Malibu lights out of electric eels.Then he'll counsel the tribe until Osten is strong and brave, Darrah loses her horrible accent, Andrew becomes modest and nurturing, Tijuana becomes demure, and Ryan O becomes an expert fisherman using only a sharp stick.
Meanwhile, the Rupertless Drake tribe will come unglued. A storm will flatten their shelter. Wild monkeys will steal all the treasure
chest booty.Jon will be beaten half to death in the dark and all of them will be suspects. Sandra will flip out and attack Shawn. The other girls will start picking on Trish for being middle aged. Trish will start an early menopause from the stress and scare all the fish out of the cove from her piercing screams.
I predict Drake will lose the immunity challenge and they will vote off Jon, if he's still alive. If not Jon, then Sandra,
If Morgan loses, say bye bye to Tijuana. Darrah is still too pretty to get the boot and Tijuana has too much 'tude.

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