Thursday, October 23, 2003

Survivor Hunch!

Gee, so many complaints that all I Blog is Survivor crap now...
Sorry, I am busy these days with this annoying thing called work. These people give me money to write things for them, but the trouble is they want everything on their terms.
Feh! Now they insist on these things called deadlines. Sheesh.
Anyway, tonight as my best friend Anna and I scarf down pizza and watch the hapless castaways vie to stick around, it's time to pick the likely losers.
On Drake, I pick Jon. I just can't stand him, that's why. Or Sandra. She's bitchy. Still, with the way they pick, I guess Shawn will be the real loser. So make my guess Shawn.
On Morgan, I think it's time to send Tijuana on her way. No reason, other than that silly name Tijuana. Ostin the wuss should go, but he's still exempt for some reason.
An AOL poll predicts Rupert will win it all, with 75% of the vote. Next up is Andrew, with only 5%. The rest are all around 2%. What a bunch of losers.
Who are you picking tonight?

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