Monday, October 13, 2003

Making a Great Exit

Hats off to ousted California Governor Gray Davis, who used his final stretch in office to sign a bill enacting a measure that will require large companies with state contracts to offer domestic partners the same benefits as spouses.
Democrats called this measure a victory for fairness and civil rights.
Republicans said it would trample the rights of employers who objected to gay relationships.
Yeah, in the 60's some employers in the Deep South objected to treating Negroes the same as white folks, and they too balked over legislation that ensured equal treatment.
History has shown that small minded hatemongers need legislation to compensate for their lack of conscience and socially regressive mindsets.
Governor-Elect Arnold Schwarzenegger had asked Davis to sign no more bills before leaving office, but he acknowledged Davis' right to do so.
With Arnold's ties to gays in show business, plus his legendary, earlier debt to gay men who supported his freakish body building career, one would think he'd agree with the measure.
Alas, Republicans rarely advocate for the will of the people over that of big business interests.

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