Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Survivor Ticklers

I hear gossip.
Andrew and Ryan from the loser Morgan tribe get lost in the jungle without water. Of course, with cameras on them they can't be that lost, but this is TV not rocket science.
One tribe is said to discover buried treasure- but it's probably not good treasure like a case of Snickers or some juice boxes. It's probably some rusty old blunderbuss.
At tribal counsel, someone is drunk on whiskey and makes a spectacle of himself.
That clue alone tells me the Drake tribe will be at Tribal Counsel and Hagrid will be the drunk and rowdy guy. If that's the case- buh bye to Jon the curly blonde geek.
If it's Morgan again, bye to Darrah or adios to Tequila. Or Tijuana. Whatever.
Place your bets, folks.

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