Thursday, October 30, 2003

Survivor Prediction!

Tonight some of the booted cast members will be back to haunt the survivors. They were all pretty bland, so I don't expect too many fireworks.
As for the latest boots, in the Drake tribe, Rupert will be plenty pissed at Jon for voting against him last week, so he may go after him. On the other hand, Shawn is pretty worthless too, so he may get the ax.
Real pirates would just kill the creepy tribe members and eat them or use them for bait, but I guess killing Jon is more than we can ask.
As for the Morgan tribe, hell, I just don't know. Smart money would bet on getting rid of Andrew because he's the most powerful. But the Morgans aren't smart. Common sense would be to dump Ostin because he's such a puss, but the Morgans haven't got much common sense, either. I still bet on Tijuana, for the sole reason that she pronounces her name "Tah WANNA" and that just irks me.

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