Monday, October 27, 2003

Electile Dysfunction

Hear me now and believe me later!
When the 2004 election rhetoric starts getting hot and heavy, the GOP are going to be hammering away at one issue to take the voter's minds off the messes Bush and his ilk have made: GAY MARRIAGE.
Ask about Iraq? They'll wedge in gay marriage. Ask about the economy? Gay marriage! Ask about skyrocketing medical costs and no affordable insurance coverage for millions of Americans? Gay marriage!
Yes, even though the Democratic platform doesn't endorse gay marriage and probably won't, watch, the GOP will speak as if electing a Democrat will force every American man, woman and child into taking part in gay marriages and registering at Home Depot and Sak's Fifth Avenue to buy gay wedding gifts for queers they don't even know.
Equality for gays and lesbians won't be the issue. Mention civil rights equality for gays to a GOP hopeful and they'll mention the Bible, then of course, gay marriage.
Fine, then let us queers pay gay taxes.
We can deduct a percentage for each right denied us as American citizens because we are gay. Seem fair? Yeah, right.
Gay marriage will the magic bullet the GOP uses to scare impressionable conservatives into continuing to support the regressive crooks who currently hold office, and electing new crooks to continue looting and pillaging our tax dollars.

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