Friday, November 14, 2003

Blogs n' Ends

-Yep. I heard on the news yesterday that tax relief Bush has offered small business owners when they buy enormous SUVs has cost us $1.3 billion in lost tax revenues.
They interviewed a Dallas physician who bought a $90,000 SUV and wrote it off. He drives it to work.
-The U.S. Central Command (400 military bigwigs) is moving from Tampa back to Qatar. Seems the war that Bush declared was over on May 1 is getting so hot again, the military brass have to go back to the Middle East to tell our hapless troops what to do.
-My best friend Anna called and left a long message complaining about Jessica Lynch.
I have to agree. When she was first rescued, word was she didn't remember jack shit. Then she realized there'd be no book or TV movie about a rescued POW with amnesia, so suddenly she became glutted with lurid details. For what it's worth, when her TV movie went head to head with Elizabeth Smart, the Mormon kid who was abducted by a religious wingnut, Elizabeth's TV movie won in the ratings. I skipped both of them.
-I think all this red, white and blue faux patriotism the Bush cult would like to see perpetuated is wearing thin with the public. Bush is running less than 50% favorable in recent polls, less than his one-term father was at the same point in his administration.
It took a while, but even the gullible American public seems to be getting tired of the lies and sidestepping.
-I hear Rush Limbaugh has kicked his narcotic addiction and will be returning to his radio show soon. I wonder if he'll become more reasonable now that he's not all fucked up on dope? Nah, he probably damaged his brain doing all that OxyContin, so he'll still be a babbling nincompoop.
-Poor Walmart. First they get busted for having illegals cleaning their stores, now six of its "sexiest" employees are posing nude in Playboy. Must have been a hard search because I've never seen a hot Walmart employee and don't know anyone who has.
-Isn't it amazing how these All American bastions of wholesome family values (like Limbaugh and Walmart) turn out scummy when some light is shined on them?
-Now Bush is saying our troops will stay in Iraq and Afghanistan until Bin Laden and Hussein are captured. That new excuse should net his buddies who make billions on war plenty of extra jack.
-Anyone laying any bets that either Bin Laden or Hussein will be captured a few weeks before the presidential election next year? Vegas ought to start laying odds. It sounds like a classic Bush move to me.

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