Thursday, November 20, 2003

Survivor Thursday

Since the Survivor series seems to favor a boy-girl-boy girl rotation of million dollar winning sole Survivors, I am wondering if this series will have a girl win the whole enchilada? Rumors have indicated that may be the case in this Panama edition.
Before I forget to mention this- has anyone seen the razor ad where Colby (the cowboy who handed the prize to Tina in the Australian Survivor) is the pitchman? He looks sensational and has a naturally relaxed screen presence and delivery style.
It was great to see him earning enough dough to possibly sell that hideous Aztec vehicle he won on the show. I can't see one of those wrecks on the street without cringing, thinking of Colby and his Mama back there sleeping together in the one he won.
Anyway, back to this series...
Sure, Rupert is the hands-down favorite with the viewing public, but we know from experience that merit and deservedness have about as much to do with winning on Survivor as they do in presidential politics.
Problem is, if a girl wins, which girl would deserve it?
We have Christa, Darrah, Lillian, Sandra and Tijuana remaining.
Of the five, Darrah, Lillian and Tijuana are leftovers from the Morgan tribe and therefore bound to be axed by the majority Drake tribe members in the merged Balboa tribe.
Besides, Darrah's accent is as grating as chewing on a ball of aluminum foil, Lillian is a wobbly chinned, hormonally addled sadsack, and Tijuana is sweet but entirely unremarkable in thought, word and deed. That leaves Christa and Sandra, who are about as memorable as that group who sang "Afternoon Delight." We don't know anything about them, they haven't been the least bit interesting on the show and haven't endeared themselves to anyone in the tribe or the viewing public.
Aw hell, let's face it, if Rupert doesn't win, who cares who does?
Charles Darwin should have theorized about the survival of the blandest. Then we might have a clue as to why good things can happen to people who merely show up and eat whatever's put in front of them.

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