Friday, November 21, 2003

Survivor All Star Nominations

Looks like the Survivor All Star show will debut Feb. 1, right after the Superbowl.
Cast members from past shows will compete, but CBS hasn't yet announced which ones made the cut.

Here are my nominees (and some memory joggers):

The Boys:
Richard Hatch Survivor 1. Every show needs a token conniving gay man, and Richard was the prototype.
Colby Donaldson Survivor 2 Australia. He should have won, he's a good Texas guy and he has those nice, white teeth.
Tom Buchanan Survivor 3 Africa. Wheee doggies! The old pig farmer was very amusing and I want to see him again.
Matthew Von Ertfelda Survivor 4 Amazon. He can be the token weirdo, plus he kicks ass in the challenges.
Ken Stafford Survivor 5 Thailand. The NYPD cop who made my pal Melly melt. Melly, this one's for you.
Roger Sexton Survivor 6 Amazon. This bossy old bastard ought to clash well with the young Alpha dogs on the list.
Rudy Boesch Survivor 1. By now he's so old they can use him as chum, but while he's still alive he'll be good for some crusty old wisecracks.
Rupert! The name says it all.

The Girls:
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien Survivor 4 Marquesas. I liked this chick. Remember? She was the blonde from Burlington, Vt. Ballsy but kind.
Ghandia Johnson Survivor 5 Thailand. Every show needs a conceited, z-snapping ho who thinks she's hotter than she is. Ghandia is that ho.
Helen Glover Survivor 5 Thailand. We learned to love her after she willed her hubby to eat those icky slugs or whatever they were.
Cwisty Smith Survivor 6 Amazon. Awww. We loved Cwisty. Huh? I said WE LOVED CWISTY!
Tina Wesson Survivor 1. Let's see how slick she is in this tribe of serpents.
Susan Hawk Survivor 1. Truck Driver Bitch!
Jerri Mantley Survivor 2 Australia. Whore!
Elizabeth Filarski Survivor 2 Australia. I want to see the mean girls do things to her.

Have I missed anyone?

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