Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Oy, How Embarrassing (and other tidbits)

The news is filled with recounts of Dubya's State visit to England this week. Even conservative estimates say 100,000 Brits are protesting Bush, his visit to England and the war he talked Prime Minister Tony Blair into joining. No longer mentioning the weapons of mass destruction he claimed were hidden in Iraq that justified the invasion, now Bush is over there making speeches about "democracies protecting the world from chaos."
He seems not to notice that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were about as dormant as Khadaffi and Libya when Bush and his cadre of his daddy's old pals decided Iraq and Saddam were at the epicenter of terrorism against the free world and needed to be destroyed.
And Bush also fails to mention that the war he claimed was a 'mission accomplished' on May 1 has claimed more coalition soldiers' lives after May 1 than during the war itself.
The Iraqis have not greeted coalition forces as liberators, but as conquerors.
The chaos in the Middle East has been exacerbated, America is not a safer place to live, and Bush is an embarrassment to global democracy.

-In other news, Scott Peterson has been bound over for trial for murdering his wife and infant son. Anyone who thinks he's innocent just hasn't been watching Court TV.
-An arrest warrant has been issued for Michael Jackson, who is accused of molesting yet another young boy. The allegations emerged from the kid's therapy sessions. The boy's therapist was following the law by reporting the allegations to authorities. How many times will Jackson get by with diddling little boys before his money and luck run out? For Chrissakes, the guy is obviously a pedophile whose money and talent don't excuse his crimes. Although I question why any parents would allow their kid anywhere near Jackson, the fact remains- if sexual abuse took place, the guy needs to be locked up and kept away from little nippers' zippers.
-As for (I Need a) Rush Limbaugh, authorities are looking into whether he skirted state money-laundering laws in getting the cash to buy illegal drugs. Bank records indicate Limbaugh made 30-40 cash withdrawals from his bank account for just under $10,000 each (just under IRS reporting amounts). If he used the money to obtain illegal drugs, that's called money laundering and it's a first-degree felony in his home state of Florida. It carries up to a 30-year prison sentence. As a guy who's made a career of lambasting drug addicts, why should Rush get a walk?

All these rich guys seem to think money and expensive lawyers put them above the law. The only rich, famous celebrity who seems to be getting in any real legal trouble is Martha Stewart. It's starting to seem like being a bastard is okay, just don't be a bitch or you'll get in trouble.

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