Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Out of Steam?

I am in an obvious Blogslump©. It happens to all of us on occasion and there's no remedy for it. Like a common cold, it has to be waited out. Someone needs to start a Blog sprucing-up business where they come in and post witty and amusing things until the Blog owner snaps out of it. Or maybe the pharmaceutical companies can develop Blog-agra, which helps a Blogger get it up to write something. Okay, okay, I'll just mention some random things now to spark some discussion.

-John Kerry is the first of the Democratic candidates to use in his ads footage of Dubya in that cock enhancing jumpsuit on the deck of the aircraft carrier announcing the end of the Iraqi invasion. That footage is the equivalent of Mike Dukakis riding in that tank with the goofy helmet on. Mission accomplished indeed-- for Kerry, that is.
-Attorneys for Catherine Zeta-Jones are sending out warnings to media outlets not to say she's on the Atkins diet or they'll sue. What a nitpicker diva CZJ has become! She may soon be able to quit acting and just make a living by suing people.
-Hustler magazine plans to publish topless photos of Jessica Lynch, thereby extending her 15 minutes of fame to 20 minutes.
-Didn't Rosie O'Donnell used to be lots more cuddly? She needs to spend some time with Ellen, who makes lesbians seem a lot less scary. Rosie is starting to get that surly dominatrix butch aura, and that scares even us career lesbos!
-Does anyone actually care if Prince Charles buggered his male valet? I mean, come on, after we found out he was shtupping Camilla instead of Diana, did anyone doubt that he's not picky about who gets to ride the Royal Pony?
Talk amongst yourselves...

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