Thursday, November 06, 2003

Survivor Guesses

Just in time for Halloween, in the last episode six booted ghosts returned to the mix, making up the Outcast tribe.
The outcasts included Burton the hunky San Francisco treat, Lillian the old geezer scout mistress, Michelle the woman who gives SpaceMonk a rise in his Levis, Nicole who nobody remembers, Ryan S. the skinny speedfreak, and Trish who Rupert would probably like to kill and eat for protein.
The Outcasts whipped Drake and Morgan's asses in the immunity challenge, making for the elimination of Trish and Ostin. Both were tedious lumps.
Tonight the Outcasts get to vote two members back into the game.
Burton is a natural to return to Drake. He's too purty to be left out.
Morgan deserves to get Lillian back. Just her wobbly chin when she pouts and her soiled, mildewed scout uniform are reasons enough.
Your bets?

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