Wednesday, November 05, 2003

All Over the Map!

My morning e-mail has actually produced enough crap to Blog about, so here goes...

*From the Daily Mislead:
"President Bush toured a manufacturing plant in Alabama Monday, touting the success of his tax cut policies. "I went to the Congress, not once, but twice, and said, in order for people to be able to find work here in the country, let's pass meaningful, real tax relief." But the President's policies have thus far not resulted in jobs-since his first tax cut passed in 2001, the economy has lost a net of 2.75 million jobs..."

*CBS decided to scrap its controversial miniseries about the Reagans. Seems the same network that scrapped the "60 Minutes" piece about the tobacco industry has again caved in to pressure, this time to the paranoid right wing. Maybe I can sum it up. The miniseries must have mentioned Reagan knocking up Nancy before they married and his criminal involvement in Iran Contra. The good news is, Showtime bought the rights to the series and will be showing it early next year. CBS must stand for "Conservative Bull Shit."

* Rosie O'Donnell's Broadway play, "Taboo," starring Boy George is said to be a real loser. That's too bad. I fail to see how a queer-produced play starring a queer can fail in New York.

* Al Sharpton will be on Saturday Night Live on Dec. 6. I still like him better than Bush.

* Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the cute little blonde from a past Survivor run, is trying out to be the fifth co-host of "The View."

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