Thursday, October 07, 2004

Survivor Tonight!

Last week, we all know George Bush got booted off-ooops wait- different show.
Anyway, in a rare, dual boot-off, Mia and John P got voted off.
Mia was booted off because she deserved to be. John P got it because he was a threat to the boys. Too bad, I loved his Marty Feldman wandering eye.
Leann joined the older women in voting off Mia, whose fight with Twila was pretty ballsy, considering Twila built the camp almost single-handedly while Mia practiced the valuable Survivor skills of tanning, swimming, eyerolling and sighing.
Turns out Twila is more butch than both the dykes on board. Scout is kinda frail and Ami is- okay I'll admit it, she's hot.
For the Yaser tribe, I see bowheads Eliza and Julie on the thinnest ice.
For the Lopevi tribe, Rory's got to go.
Your picks?

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