Tuesday, October 26, 2004

An Abundance of Reasons

I have been meaning to write the ultimate list of why Bush should be thrown out of office in disgrace, but it's gotten like trying to count the strands of pasta in a giant bowl of cappelini.
This latest scandal, where 380 tons of explosives under U.S. military control have gone missing in Iraq is horrible, to be sure, but when the Bush crowd tried to gloss it over by saying, "See? Saddam DID have weapons of mass destruction," that was a blatant, disgraceful lie.
The UN had been monitoring the cache of explosives until Bush's war. Once the undermanned Bush-led military took over, the ammo dump went unguarded and the shit went missing.

By invading Iraq, Bush lit the fuse on a powder keg in the Middle East.
By invading Iraq on the cheap, with too few soldiers and inadequate armor and equipment to properly wage war, Bush lit another fuse that needlessly put our troops in danger.

While it's been fun writing about Bush's limited intellect and frequent gaffes, this man is dangerous and has done immeasurable harm to our nation. He doesn't need four more years in the Oval Office, he needs 40 years in a square cell.

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