Saturday, October 02, 2004

Once Kerry Wins and Bush Loses- Then What?

I have been pondering what will become of this Blog and others like it that have concentrated for the last few years on getting the word out and doing what we can to oust Bush, once he's defeated.
It will be like cold turkey to go from this oppressive regime to honest and respectable leadership. So, what will we do once Bush is out on his ass?
To me, there are some easy choices.
• Fox News has spent the last four years trying to make Bush into someone better than he is and trying to make Kerry into someone who is dishonest, evil and incompetent.
They have politicized the media and bushwhacked millions of naive lemmings into believing the lies that owner Rupert Murdoch wants them to tell, to further his agenda of global media domination.
Fox News has to go.
Advertisers who support them will have to learn what boycotting can do to their bottom line.

• Hate mongering, crooked legislators have to go. People like Tom DeLay (R TX) and Jeb Bush (R FL) are criminals, liars and thieves. They have to be removed and if possible, prosecuted.

• Laws that discriminate against homosexuals have to go. If we pay an equal share of taxes, we deserve equal rights. It's as simple as that.

So, once Bush is ousted-- and he will be, we liberal Bloggers will still have a lot of work to do-- and we will.

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