Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The A to Z Talking Points Guide*:
Why Bush Does Not Deserve a Second Term

A: Attorney General John Ashcroft has held many press conferences announcing terrorist indictments, but none have come to justice. Also, he's a Pentecostal fanatic who thinks Calico cats are the embodiment of Satan.
B: Budget deficit. Bush squandered the surplus and ran us into record debt, yet the rich keep getting tax cuts.
C: Dick Cheney. He's still a Halliburton employee who sold out his country and his own lesbian daughter for money and votes.
D: Donald Rumsfeld. Abu Ghraib prison torture/spies in the Pentagon/no accountability/ill prepared troops in an unwinnable, undermanned war.
E: Environmental policies are the worst in this nation's history.
F: Foreign Policy: Bush's arrogance and unilateral policies have made our nation more unpopular throughout the world than any president in history.
G: Gasoline and other fuel prices are out of control. Even in Texas.
H: Halliburton. Ten billion in no bid, secret government contracts, seven million paid in fines for fraud against our government.
I: Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction, a nightmare of a war, rushed into without an exit strategy.
J: Judges. If Bush has his way, he'll stack the Supreme Court with more Scolias and Thomases. Good-bye civil rights, good-bye choice, good-bye minorities and gays.
K: Karl Rove. He's evil, he lies, he connives and he needs to be silenced.
L: Laura Bush. She's a chain smoking do-nothing who couldn't even raise two mature, sober twins. Her remarks on stem cell research were nothing short of ignorant- plus, she married Bush.
M: Military. None of the Bush administration have served, they don't know the perils of war and they are lying about initiating a draft to fight their personal war with Iraq.
N: No child left behind: underfunded and led by Sec. of Education Rod Paige, an imbecile who nearly ruined the Houston school system.
O: Osama Bin Laden. Where is he?
P: Patriot Act. Intrusive and insulting to our basic freedom and liberty as free Americans.
Q: Queers. Gays pay the same taxes as heterosexuals and should have the same rights. Period.
R: Retirement: We paid for Social Security benefits and we deserve to get them. Reduced RX drugs for elderly, RX drugs from Canada. Lies Bush told.
S: Saudi Arabia is our nation's enemy. The Bush family allows them more leeway than even trusted allies deserve, because the Saudis control the Bush family.
T: Tax cuts for the richest of the rich, plus Two-hundred billion dollars we don't have spent in Iraq.
U: Uniter not a divider. That was clearly a lie. Bush has created a chasm among Americans and in our relationships with other nations like no other leader in U.S. history.
V: Vietnam. Bush dodged the draft, using his father's influence, then he went AWOL in the reserves so he could attend grad school, which he entered with a C average.
W: Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. There were none. Period.
X: Xenophobia. It's ignorant, it's regressive, it's dangerous and it's wrong.
Y: Yucky Condoleezza Rice. She has no expertise in Middle Eastern affairs, and it shows. She has helped to spread partisan propaganda and lies. She is not respected globally because she's a partisan hack.
Z: Zero credibility about the draft. Experts say Bush will have to start drafting our young men and women to fight his war in Iraq. He said he won't, but he broke dozens of campaign promises in 2000, and he'll do it again.

Dear Readers: Please add to these as you see fit, there are far more than 26 reasons to oust this dangerous administration.

*Dedicated to Jax, with thanks for the inspiration.

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