Monday, October 11, 2004

Gas Prices

While we are assembling ammo (aka "talking points") to use on all the undecided voters we know, let us not forget the gouging going on at the gas pumps.
It's pretty obvious the Bush family's coziness with the Saudi Arabian royal family and soaring, ceilingless gas prices have a direct correlation.
Can you imagine what we'd be paying at the end of another four years with Bush as an unaccountable lame duck?
Each and every time I gas up, I remind whomever is nearby that gas prices have skyrocketed under Bush's watch, and they'll only go higher.
An undecided voter might make the right decision after handing over two 20's to the Exxon cashier. It's our job to remind the undecideds just one more reason why choosing Bush will hurt their bottom line.

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