Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Night at the Fights

Looks like tonight promises to be an even better debate between Sen. John Kerry and Georgie the First Chimp.
I have gotten several e-mails with the photo of Bush at the podium during the last debate, taken from behind. Clearly, in the middle of his back bulging under his suit jacket is a telltale rectangle that looks like some sort of transmitter.
That would explain his "I'm not finished" snipe, while he was still speaking under a green light and nobody was rushing him. He must have been talking to Karl Rove, his handler.
If he cheated and that was still the best he could do, is it any wonder people think he's an imbecile?
Debate #1 covered Bush's strong area. He fucked up royally and we all know it.
I imagine tonight, debating his weaker areas will really rattle the stupid bastard.
Meanwhile, my family has sadly discovered my eldest nephew from Dallas is a Bush supporter. We exchanged a few heated e-mails this week, but he's obviously been gotten to by the Pod People.
I come from a long line of Yellow Dog Democrats, and for this little pisher to be not only supporting Bush but being cocky about it...well, I refrained from using the "go fuck yourself" phrase, but methinks his Aunt Santa will be crapping down his chimney this year.
I can't believe I gave him my old sports car when he was a teenager.
Y'all come back after the debate and air your views.

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