Sunday, October 03, 2004

Congress Moves to Protect Federal Whistleblowers

NY Times
WASHINGTON, Oct. 2 - Over strenuous objections from the Bush administration, Congress is moving to increase protections for federal employees who expose fraud, waste and wrongdoing inside the government.
Lawmakers of both parties say the measures are needed to prevent retaliation against such whistleblowers, who reveal threats to public health, safety and security.
But the administration says the bill unconstitutionally interferes with the president's ability to control and manage the government..."

Huh? Strenuous objections?
See? This is one more reason to get rid of Bush.
Fraud, waste and wrongdoing cost the taxpayers money. Strenuously objecting to increased protection for those who expose those things is just plain wrong.
Everyone can see that, can't they?

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